Asterwind: starting business and logistic project in China

The team

The team

JM Le Sueur

Jean Marie Le Sueur, Asterwind’s founder, has 25 years of management experience in industry and logistics projects, along with 10 years of industrial implantation, sourcing and engineering in China.

In particular, he headed up the subsidiary of a French company in China, built and opened its factory in Beijing.

Asterwind, is a team of specialists with a network of experts to help you succeed in the challenge of doing business in China.

  • JM Le Sueur : 49 years old, Senior Consultant in industry and supply chain, specialising in the mechanical sector, heavy industry, chemicals, distribution; clients from Europe, Oceania, South America.
  • Y.Kebbal : 41, Senior Consultant, specialising in the paper packaging sector; clients in Europe, the US, and China.
  • D.Wu : 52, Senior Consultant & Contractor, specialising in the construction and materials sector; clients from China, North America, Asia.
  • JY Wang : 25, Sourcing Consultant, specialising in handling e-sourcing support.
  • M. Moussaoui : 32, Logistics consultant, specialising in the Middle East and Japan; chemical products sector.
  • J.Zu : 32, Administrative director.
  • H. Qin : 28, Manager, South China (Shenzhen) specialising in sourcing, development, quality control.
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