Asterwind: starting business and logistic project in China

We provide tailor-made solutions to small and mid-sized business clients as well as industrial groups by offering to :

  • Take care of the entire supply chain: from finding the manufacturer to achieving production (sourcing)
  • Ensure each phase individually

The sourcing process, step by step

  1. Identifying and prequalifying suppliers
  2. Industrial audit
  3. Feasibility/standards confirmation
  4. Production
  5. Tracking manufacturing and deliveries
Identifying and prequalifying suppliers

Identifying and prequalifying suppliers

  • Search for manufacturers (sourcing) with the capacity to supply the desired products, selection based on price/technical criteria
  • Evaluate a supplier’s ability to meet terms and conditions
    Evaluate reliability: company organisation, quality certificates, conformity with international standards, customer references, and export capacity Price quotes depending on estimated quantities
  • Sample gathering & technical conformity testing
Industrial audit

Industrial audit

  • Site audit
    Evaluate structure, equipment, organisation, processes, quality, hygiene and safety, respect of environmental and ethical standards.
  • Evaluate supplier capacity
    Exhaustive multi-criteria analysis (financial, quality system, management, labour, export capacity, norms and certifications).
Feasibility/standards confirmation

Feasibility/standards confirmation

  • Ensure conformity with the customer’s specifications (CE-EN/ ISO/ RoHS/REACH)
  • Sampling & development testing
  • Prototype development


  • Finalisation of negotiations and signature of contracts
  • Launch production
Tracking manufacturing and deliveries

Tracking manufacturing and deliveries

  • Supervision and quality control during production
  • Final inspection : detailed quality control of product
  • Logistical tracking : loading supervision (verification of container content, quantitative control, container sealing)
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